You know about the reputed overwater bungalows, but have you ever heard about a Maldives Underwater Hotel submerged beneath the Indian Ocean? Dive deep with our 4 Nights Maldives underwater resort package for Underwater Hotels Room in the Maldives and discover the Maldives Underwater Hotels Room. This first-of-its-kind, Conrad Maldives underwater resort in the Maldives is a two-story residence, where the master bedroom is submerged 16 feet below sea level. Hidden amidst the bountiful coral gardens of the Indian Ocean, Rangali Island Vacation Packages presents you an experience like none other with their amazing underwater hotel room in Maldives. Widely know as Underwater Hotels Maldives cost about USD 6,000.00 per night per person.

Explore Pricing Options for Underwater Bedrooms in the Maldives

You can choose the Maldives underwater resort Prices suitable for the occasion that you have planned, and confirm a booking for underwater resort in Maldives. We guarantee you the most effective Maldives underwater resort prices options available. The Muraka Hotel is suitable for at least four people. If you are planning a getaway with your friends or family, the Muraka Hotel cost range from USD 14,100 to USD 55,000 per night on quad occupancy. So the Maldives Underwater Hotels Prices in Indian rupees range from 1,057,387 INR to 4,124,561 INR per night on quad occupancy.

You can book underwater hotels in the Maldives for a romantic getaway experience as well. However, note that the Conrad Maldives Muraka Hotel cost can be higher if you confirm a Maldives underwater hotel booking for just 2 people. For honeymooners and romantic getaway seekers, the Maldives underwater hotel price per night ranges from USD 19,700 to USD 60,000 on double occupancy. Hence this Maldives underwater hotel price in Indian rupees range from 1,476,738 INR to 4,497,681 INR per night on double occupancy.

Another factor that you should consider with the Maldives underwater resort prices is the seasonal Muraka Hotel cost variation. During the peak season from late December to early January, you will find that the Maldives Muraka Hotel cost triple the amount when compared to its Mid-April to September, Off-season price. So if you are looking to confirm the Maldives underwater hotel booking, we advise you to consider the seasonal price factor and choose your travel period wisely for the Maldives underwater hotel price per night that best befits your requirements.

Embarking on Your Spectacular Arrival at the Maldives Underwater Resort

Through our Maldives Underwater Hotels packages, your journey begins with an exquisite arrival to the Maldives Underwater Hotels Room, Muraka Hotel. Be whisked away to the blissful tropical island resort of Conrad Maldives by a seaplane. Flying over the picturesque atolls of Maldives, your arrival to the Maldives resort is greeted with lush tropical vegetation, white sandy beaches, and the enchanting waters of the turquoise lagoon. After a warm greeting from the staff, you can choose to be escorted to the underwater resort in Maldives with a short private speedboat ride from the Main Island Resort. For a more personalized arrival to the Conrad Maldives Resort Maldives Underwater Hotels, you can book a private seaplane transfer as well.

The Muraka Maldives Residence

This Maldives Underwater Hotel Room  perfectly utilizes the awe-inspiring beauty both below and above the Indian ocean. The place features moderns aesthetics and designs that effortlessly connect and complements the breathtaking surroundings. The ‘Muraka,’ meaning corals in the Maldivian language, provides you with a surreal environment that will exceed your wildest imaginations and deliver a true one-of-a-kind experience worth the Maldives underwater room price.

Above the ocean, the upper floor of Muraka Hotel Maldives features an exceptional living space made to connect with your loved ones and the bountiful seas of Maldives. Be greeted by the beautiful vistas of the horizon as you enter the living room of the The Muraka at Conrad Maldives. Right next to the living room, the Muraka hotel Maldives offers a dining space with a fully equipped bar. All spaces are connected with the open plan design, allowing you to see the stunning ocean vistas from all around the villa. The beautiful sceneries also extend to the two bedrooms in the upper floor of the Conrad Maldives underwater hotel. Outside, the spacious deck comes with an infinity pool and plenty of lounging choices that combine the exquisite scenes of the Indian Ocean.

Of course, the most impressive feature of the Muraka Hotel residence unveils when you step down to the Conrad Maldives underwater room. Descend by an elevator or through the spiral staircase (recommended for first-timers) teasing bit and glimpses of what’s to come. 16-feet beneath the surface, the Maldives underwater room unveils its 180-degree curved acrylic dome giving you access to the unobstructed floras and faunas of the Ocean. Equipped with a floor-to-ceiling windowed bathroom and a dedicated viewing tunnel, the Conrad Maldives Underwater Room becomes your natural aquarium.

Unveiling the Pullman Maldives Underwater Bedroom Experience

The Underwater Bedroom Maldives experience at Pullman Maldives offers guests an immersive encounter with marine life from the comfort of their bed, nurturing childhood curiosities and bringing them to life. Set against the serene backdrop of the Indian Ocean, guests can find the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure.

This luxurious two-level Underwater Bedroom Maldives features a submerged master bedroom combined with an overwater bedroom, providing ample space for guests to relax and create once-in-a-lifetime memories. The Underwater Bedroom Maldives Experience allows guests to relive childhood curiosities through play and moments worth sharing with loved ones and the world.

Imagine the tranquility of diving without cumbersome gear or sharing intimate secrets within a private aquarium. It may seem impossible, but at Pullman, the impossible becomes reality.

Secure Your Subaquatic Paradise: Booking Your Maldives Underwater Resort Experience

Maldives underwater hotel at The Muraka Maldives accommodates up to 06 Adults & 03 Children. If you are looking to book the Conrad Maldives underwater room, you will be glad to know that you can do the Maldives underwater hotel booking with 3 exceptional packages.

For the most basic option that offers the lowest price point, we recommend you to book the “The Muraka Residence on BB Basis,” which includes the stay at the Muraka Maldives with Daily breakfast.

The second option to book Maldives resort underwater is “The Muraka Experience.” If you are with a group of friends or family looking to experience Maldives underwater hotel, then we recommend to chose this option for your vacation in the underwater hotel room in the Maldives. The Muraka Experience package includes a regular roundtrip seaplane transfer from & to Malé International Airport and covers all meals in the residence and Muraka signature bar for 4 people.

For couples looking to stay at the undersea hotel Maldives, Conrad Maldives underwater hotel offers “The Muraka Romance” package. The Muraka Romance package includes one cruise on the luxury yacht, one romantic private beach dinner, the Muraka Signature bar, and a 90‐minute couple spa treatment along with a regular roundtrip seaplane for the icing on the cake.

Whatever type of vacation you are seeking, be it family, friends, or honeymoons, a Maldives underwater hotel booking can be done to meet your requirements. Contact us to find the latest Muraka Hotel cost.

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